SATEL's IT solutions prevent emergencies at industrial enterprises

14 March 2023

For Russian companies from different sectors of the economy, reducing losses from industrial accidents is a serious challenge to implementing a lean manufacturing strategy. According to statistics, the chemical and petrochemical industries are considered the most vulnerable industries. The main causes of industrial accidents are non-compliance with industrial safety requirements and technological violations. According to Rostechnadzor statistics, in the field of industrial safety in the period 2021-2022, 9717 violations of design, technological and operational documentation were recorded; 4799 violations in providing emergency and fire protection, dust and gas regime; 4804 incidents with malfunctions of technical devices, protections and locks; 3673 incidents with electrical equipment malfunctions. In the Russian market, the quality of IT developments is improving in order to comprehensively solve problems of preventing emergencies and minimizing their consequences. One of the most relevant and universal solutions in terms of functionality is the SMART accident monitoring and prevention system developed by the IT company SATEL.

The modern SMART information and diagnostic system based on analytical algorithms is able to determine the place, time and probability of an emergency situation. The work of the SMART digital platform is based on this principle of preventing emergencies, rather than eliminating their consequences.

The platform developed by the IT company SATEL involves a combination of various modules and services, depending on the specifics of the object and tasks. Three basic versions can be distinguished:

  • situational analytical center for management and control of distributed objects,
  • digital dynamic passport of the enterprise,
  • geotechnical monitoring system.

The situational analytical center for management and control of distributed objects is designed to collect, analyze and visualize data coming from existing enterprise systems.

The digital dynamic passport of the enterprise is a solution for collecting and analytical processing of information about the state of the enterprise's infrastructure in real time with the ability to promptly inform operational services about the occurrence of emergency and other emergency situations.

The geotechnical monitoring system is an information and diagnostic system that provides real-time monitoring of buildings and structures.

As a result of the implementation of the SMART system, the number of technological violations decreases, the scale of costs for the elimination of accidents decreases and, as a result, the performance of the enterprise improves.

Recently, the project «Information and diagnostic system for identifying and preventing negative trends and emergencies», implemented using the SATEL solution, won the GlobalCIO competition in the nomination «Best Regional Project in the Ufa, SFO and Far Eastern Federal District», and also became the winner of the ComNews Awards 2022 in the nomination "Best Digital Solution in the industrial safety».

«Our SMART solution is capable of timely detecting emergencies at an early stage and promptly notifying dispatchers, preventing the occurrence of large-scale negative consequences», said Alexander Taskaev, Director of the Department of Intelligent automation systems at SATEL.