Digital Revizor: Operational control and work management

Revizor is a solution for managing mobile teams, which serves for operative planning and control of the work performed, ensures compliance with safety regulations and correct document management, as well as helps to account for the cost of materials, special equipment and staff time.

Capabilities of Revizor

  • Operational planning and control of work performance by mobile teams (photo and video recording)
  • Control for compliance with safety and technological processes
  • Correct accounting of material costs, staff time and special equipment costs
  • Inventory of equipment and technical places, reading bar codes and Rfid tags
  • Ensuring compliance with the correct document flow
  • Controlling whether employees have permits and authorizations to perform special types of work
  • Tracking the geographical location of personnel
  • Coordinating and evaluating work
  • Access to directories of employees, facilities, contractors, special equipment
  • Advantages of Revizor

  • Improved quality of work performed
  • Increased transparency of mobile team processes
  • Providing remote control of employees
  • Expedient use of company resources