Enerbus: Integration platform

Enerbus is an integration platform that unifies and enables the exchange of raw data between different company information systems in real time, while providing interconnected regulation and control functions.

Capabilities of Enerbus

  • Secure environment for execution of the platform's application-services
  • Guaranteed data delivery between information systems
  • Specialized functions that are required to solve application tasks in the design and development of applications
  • A set of adapters for connecting information systems to the platform and providing interaction between different enterprise information environments
  • Advantages of Enerbus

  • Organization of data flows between different information platforms of any large enterprise
  • Elimination of data losses that are possible when transferring information through files
  • Reduction of time for finalization of information systems integration mechanisms
  • Fast detection and elimination of failures in integration interactions
  • Absence of unnecessary labor costs due to «double data entry» by users