RTU-Atmosphere contact center

RTU-Atmosphere Contact Center is an omnichannel platform that allows to automate all operations on remote processing of requests.

RTU-Atmosphere capabilities

  • Supports all modern service automation technologies
  • Supports distributed solution for large contact centers
  • Customization and integration with existing systemsи
  • Neural network agent, voice/text chatbots
  • User-friendly agent and supervisor environment
  • Includes tools for quality management and employee workload optimization
  • Administration of basic contact center functionality without programming skills, application of changes in "hot mode".

Purpose of RTU-Atmosphere

  • Automatic processing of voice and text messages by first-line service chatbots with speech recognition and synthesis, as well as chat widgets on the customer's website
  • Development and keeping up-to-date the expert system for automated storage of knowledge and competence base
  • Operator's workstation to provide extended functionality of the contact center
  • Using artificial intelligence to implement self-service scenarios in the contact center
  • Intelligent outbound call management system for informing customers, working with the pool of pending and missed calls
  • Saving the entire history of interaction with the client and transfer of information about the client between different services of the company

Results of RTU-Atmosphere implementation

  • Automation of operators and management personnel activities - automatic processing of 25% of all incoming complex customer requests
  • Effective planning of the number of employees in the contact center using a proprietary HR management module
  • Improving the quality of service of requests in real time using all currently available communication channels
  • Processing of incoming requests using artificial intelligence algorithms and speech technologies
RTU platform is included in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs of the Ministry of Digitalization of Russia