RTU-Atmosphere: Omnichannel contact center

RTU-Atmosphere is an interactive contact center that automates customer service operations. The solution includes a convenient environment for operator and supervisor work, neural network agent, voice/text chatbots as well as all modern technologies for automation of remote processing of client requests. It provides administration of basic contact center functionality without programming skills and application of changes in «hot mode».

Capabilities of RTU-Atmosphere

  • Automatic processing of voice and text messages by first-line service chatbots with speech recognition and synthesis, as well as chat widgets on the customer's website
  • Development and keeping up-to-date the expert system for automated storage of knowledge and competence base
  • Operator's workstation to provide extended functionality of the contact center
  • Using artificial intelligence to implement self-service scenarios in the contact center
  • Intelligent outbound call management system for informing customers, working with the pool of deferred and missed calls
  • Saving the entire history of interaction with the customer and transfer of information about the customer between different services of the company
  • Advantages of RTU-Atmosphere

  • Automation of operators and management staff activities - automatic processing of 25% of all incoming complex customer requests
  • High reliability, performance and scalability (more than 1000 operators online in RSF)
  • Efficient planning of the contact center staff using a proprietary HR management module
  • Improved service quality of requests in real-time mode
  • Availability of a module for interaction with the public service portal
  • Comprehensive statistics and business analytics