SMART Enterprise: Industrial safety monitoring

SMART Enterprise is a process control system designed for collection and analytical processing of information about the state of the enterprise infrastructure and adjacent territory in real time with the ability to promptly inform the operation services about the occurrence of emergency and other abnormal situations.

Capabilities of SMART Enterprise

  • Launching a comprehensive response plan with subsequent control of its fulfillment
  • Automatic notification of emergency services and management of the enterprise, communication of decisions to the specific executor.
  • Calculation and issuance in automatic mode to the system operator of data on forecasting of accident consequences
  • Display of digitized objects and equipment in 2D/3D format, as well as current data on their condition
  • Simulation of various accident conditions on the basis of variable calculation parameters with subsequent visualization of the results on an interactive map
  • Display of video surveillance camera locations with the display of the viewing area and the ability to view the video stream
  • Maintenance of so-called passports of objects or equipment, in which current data is maintained
  • Advantages of SMART Enterprise

  • Increase in the level of technological independence of the enterprise
  • Increased efficiency of process equipment utilization
  • Reducing the risk of emergency situations
  • Improving the quality of finished products
  • Optimization of technological materials expenditures
  • Reduction of human factor influence on the technological process
  • Increasing the level of technological discipline and production culture