SMART Geotech: Geotechnical monitoring of buildings and structures

SMART Geotech is an information and diagnostic system for monitoring objects, which collects information from various sources, including already used data collection and operational control systems, automation devices, as well as sensors, transducers, video surveillance cameras.

Capabilities of SMART Geotech

  • Continuous monitoring of the condition of controlled elements of buildings and structures
  • Detection of abnormal situations
  • Provision of visual presentation of information about monitoring objects in 2D/3D format using a backing in the form of satellite raster images and earth surface displacement map.
  • Generation of informational messages for the user and notification of exceeding criterion values (settings)
  • Generation of individual reports on the status of monitoring objects
  • Automatic generation of monitoring object status and color highlighting on the map
  • Synthesis of both: monitoring system/diagnostics of VMS/controllers/sensors and formation of routine inspection plans