SMART Notification: Operational notification in emergency situations

SMART Notification provides prompt and targeted informing of subscribers about events. The main goal of the system is to optimize the process of information delivery to the target audience, reduce time and labor costs for informing a large number of addressees, and increase the efficiency of interaction both within the organization and with external contractors.

Use cases include emergency notifications, corporate announcements, and more. This solution is suitable for organizations seeking maximum agility and reliability in communications.

Capabilities of SMART Notification

  • Automated preparation of template-based or free-form messages
  • Preparation and application of combined message delivery methods
  • Systematization of subscribers from different sources, normalization of subscriber contacts, grouping of subscribers for targeted messages
  • Territorial binding of subscribers through fixed information channels
  • Possibility to send as part of a message (text, media, documents, voice recordings)
  • Sending messages to e-mail, mobile application for iOS with push notification, phone call, SMS
  • Receiving feedback (confirmation) on the fact of sending/receiving a message to a subscriber
  • SMART Notification functional modules

      • Maintain a classifier of message types
      • Managing delivery channels (e-mail, SMS, voice calls, push notifications, messages to mobile applications)
      • Setting up the order of using delivery channels
      • Generation of notification text templates
      • Maintain contacts and mailing groups of subscribers
      • Schedule planning of periodic mailings
      • Generation of messages based on templates at the occurrence of events
      • Manual text input of arbitrary information messages
      • Attaching files to messages
      • Previewing and editing messages
      • Start sending messages manually or on a schedule
      • Automated sending via configured delivery channels
      • Track delivery and read status of messages
      • Reporting on the results of mailings
      • Automatic calling of addressees according to the specified contact list
      • Conversion of message text into audio recording
      • Fixing the facts of dialing and generation of the text based on the subscriber's voice response
      • Display push notification stream
      • Read full text messages and view attachments
      • Send feedback on reading notifications

    Advantages of SMART Notification

  • Construction of flexible schemes of message delivery (according to the target task)
  • Reduction of total cost of delivered messages
  • Reduction of the human factor in message preparation, delivery and receiving feedback
  • Simple and clear mechanism of message feedback
  • Increased transparency of the entire message delivery chain
  • Integration into existing means of communication with personnel, partners, clients
  • Possibility to modernize the service independently
  • Clear reporting on message delivery and target audience coverage