SMART SAC: Situational analysis center

SMART SAC is a software solution for automation of dispatch and situation centers within the framework of identification and management of liquidation of technological disturbances and accidents. It provides comprehensive monitoring of the situation, calculates risks, identifies incidents, assesses their scale, and forms measures and tasks to restore the functioning of facilities.

Capabilities of SMART SAC

  • Collection, analysis, intelligent processing and visualization of data from existing enterprise systems
  • Generation of events based on analytical algorithms and machine learning
  • Automation of business processes
  • Reporting
  • Advantages of SMART SAC

  • Optimization of the process of operational, technological and situational management in changing conditions on the basis of complex analysis
  • Improvement of procedures for prevention and elimination of consequences of technological violations (accidents) with the use of predictive analysis methods
  • Acceleration of communication, reduction of timeframes, and improvement of the quality of decision-making by managerial and operational personnel at all levels of management
  • Instant access to large volumes of structured reliable information on the situation