VizorLabs: Video analytics and machine vision

VizorLabs is an intelligent video analytics and machine vision platform that provides safety control (HSE) and thereby prevents occupational injuries.

The platform is based on computer vision technologies and represents a cluster of jointly working neural networks, which allows cameras to recognize faces, emotions, objects, determine the routes of employee movement.

Capabilities of Vizorlabs

  • Process monitoring and quality control
  • Monitoring of work and industrial processes
  • Counting and control of output
  • Accounting of works and products, defectoscopy and telemetry
  • Creation of an automated system for monitoring compliance with occupational health and safety standards (wearing PPE, compliance with work rules, presence on site, etc.) to prevent industrial injuries and control personnel
  • Creation of a system for monitoring sanitary regime (wearing medical masks) to prevent COVID-19
  • Advantages of Vizorlabs

  • Up to 98% accuracy of modules recognizing wearing PPE (helmets, vests, gloves, respirators, etc.)
  • High performance of computer vision modules (30+ cameras on one GPU, up to 200 cameras on one server)
  • Reduction of HSE control costs while increasing control efficiency
  • Reduction of fines and injury compensation costs
  • Reduce losses due to repairs and equipment downtime
  • Linear scalability (industrial installation for a network of 10,000 cameras)
  • Video analytics and computer vision system is customized to the customer's business processes and allows making managerial decisions