AccentOS: Infrastructure virtualization

AccentOS is a solution for creating and managing virtualized enterprise infrastructure. It provides full integration of all elements of IT infrastructure in the cloud environment, rapid migration of software platforms and information systems.

Сapabilities of AccentOS

  • Creation and management of the company's cloud infrastructure
  • Deployment of virtualization platform for servers, storage (including SDS, with the ability to create a hyperconverged environment), networks (SDN), workplace virtualization (VDI)
  • Control, monitoring and forecasting of IT resources utilization
  • Advantages of AccentOS

  • Efficient use of hardware by pooling it into resource pools and then allocating the necessary amount on demand
  • Rapid capacity expansion by adding new infrastructure elements to resource pools
  • Prompt allocation or addition of necessary resources for newly created or existing services, including use of self-service (personal account of the service user within the available quotas) or with a link to the automated procedure of request approval.
  • Creation of virtual workplaces infrastructure for users to work remotely
  • Reduction of IT maintenance costs
  • Increasing IT security