Around-the-clock technical support

SATEL offers service support services,designed for complex solution of IT infrastructure maintenance tasks:

  • Support of products of foreign vendors without direct participation of manufacturers
  • Support of products of Russian manufacturers
  • Development of a migration plan for domestic infrastructure
  • Support of migration to a new infrastructure
  • We maintain a high level of service that provides comprehensive support and maintenance of IT infrastructure. We provide technical support services, monitor and audit infrastructure, and ensure uninterrupted and continuous business processes.

    Our company has all the necessary resources to carry out service work:

  • Hotline 24x7x365
  • 3 channels for receiving requests: phone, e-mail, technical support portal
  • Territorially distributed technical support teams
  • Demonstration room with a wide range of installed equipment
  • Test center for testing all supplied solutions
  • Training room for training, trainings and briefings
  • Permanent stock of products, allowing timely response to Customer's requests
  • One-off works and service contracts
  • Outstaffing (IT staff rental)
  • Developed partner network
  • Service programs allow you to choose the services that will best meet the needs of your business and include:


    Technical support in 8x5 mode. Includes a full range of services, including consultations, replacement and repair, equipment and software recovery, onsite visits, access to software and documentation.


    Technical support in 24x7 mode. Includes a full range of services, including consultations, replacement and repair, restoration of equipment and software operability, onsite visits and provision of stable software versions, preventive visits.


    Extended technical support in 24x7 mode. Dedicated team of technical specialists accompanying the Customer. Flexible approach to SLA formation depending on the Customer's requirements.

    IT-outsourcing allows us to concentrate our customers' resources on their core business by transferring to us the tasks of operation, development and support of their IT infrastructure.

    IT outsourcing services guarantee an agreed level of quality, availability and continuity of infrastructure functioning on the basis of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and allow us to optimize the costs of implementation, maintenance and modernization of all IT systems.

    IT infrastructure management can be performed remotely or directly at the site, and the composition of services can be adjusted according to the customer's needs.

    Outsourcing of IT services includes:

    IT infrastructure audit and SLA preparation

    IT infrastructure audit allows to get acquainted with the peculiarities of its structure and organization in details, to develop optimal schemes of service provision. Based on the audit results, documentation is prepared, including a description of the network design, types and configurations of equipment, software versions, as well as recommendations for its optimization and measures to improve security.

    On-line monitoring

    On-line monitoring system provides control over the functioning of IT infrastructure and network services. Real-time monitoring allows you to track the values of critical parameters and prevent potentially dangerous situations.

    Routine operations

    Routine works include actions on management of the customer's infrastructure, which are performed in a notification procedure and do not require additional approval. Examples of such activities are monitoring of infrastructure performance, preparation of reports and other regular procedures.

    IT infrastructure management

    The transfer of IT infrastructure management enables customers to increase the efficiency of its use, reduce costs and free up their resources for more important tasks. At the same time, full control over the company's telecommunication and information systems is retained. Continuous monitoring and management of dedicated specialists allows to analyze trends of changes in the network and prepare timely proposals for changes in network configurations and settings.