Complex of engineering and technical means of protection

A professional access control and management system is necessary to ensure the security of buildings and structures of any size. The system allows to organize centralized control of access to premises through an unlimited number of turnstiles, doors and barriers, record all events and store them for an unlimited period of time.

Thanks to the latest communication technologies, the security service can keep all premises under control, react promptly in emergency situations, integrate third-party systems, and use a range of additional functions to ensure safety in the workplace.

An access control and management system can control the entry and exit of facilities, restrict access to a given area or identify who has access to an area. In addition, the system can be used to control working hours, maintain a database of personnel and visitors, integration with the security system.

Perimeter security allows you to ensure the safety of protected areas and is a reliable protection against unauthorized access.

Perimeter security systems detect the fact of unauthorized intrusion into the protected area and transmit an alarm signal to the security desk for prompt response measures.

To maximize the security of objects, perimeter security systems are used in combination with video surveillance, loudspeaker communication, sound and light alarms.

Security and fire alarm system is the basis of building security, which allows for round-the-clock control over any object, regardless of its area.

The system combines the function of protection against unauthorized entry and the function of fire detection with automatic fire extinguishing.

The security and fire alarm system detects violations or fires and generates an alarm signal for taking measures to promptly solve the problem situation.