Computing complexes

Computing complexes are used to ensure adequate performance and reliability in information processing. They are selected and developed in accordance with the set tasks, as well as the type and nature of workloads, while ensuring efficient processing and reliable data storage. The SATEL product portfolio includes solutions for creating an infrastructure of various objects with a high level of fault tolerance and security, on which all other information and communication systems of the company operate. Highly qualified specialists of our company carry out design, installation and maintenance of computing complexes of various levels of complexity.

SATEL computing complexes are used for:

  • Solving problems of scientific research
  • Virtualization
  • Engineering calculations
  • Processing and interpretation of geophysical data
  • Other resource-intensive applications
  • SATEL computing complexes are supplied with all necessary cable connections. They consist of computing resources, messaging system, service network, storage system, management console, uninterruptible power supply system and autonomous cooling system.