Data transmission networks

Data transmission network is a unified information system that allows to share network resources, as well as to ensure the operation of necessary applications, services, video surveillance, database, technological processes, etc.

Today data networks can play a crucial role in ensuring the interaction of employees within the company, its offices and branches located both in close proximity and at a considerable distance from each other, remote employees, partners, customers.

In some cases, for the organization of data transmission of various types, you can use a regular Internet connection, on condition that it has sufficient bandwidth. But if we are talking about the possibility of transmitting confidential information, which directly affects the efficiency and security of your activities and business, you need to make sure that your data network was reliable, stable and secure. In most cases, each company, especially if the area of operation is extensive, requires the development and implementation of its own data network, optimized as much as possible for the nature of its business.

SATEL performs the design, implementation and technical support of data transmission networks of any type and of any complexity, taking into account the specifics of your business and your needs to provide reliable communication channels for the transmission of information of various nature and purpose.