Operational dispatch control

Data must work.

Process automation systems are a source of valuable data for digitalization of production and business processes, prevention of emergencies, and support of correct and timely management decisions based on an instant comprehensive assessment of the current situation with the help of modern digital technologies.

Cooperation with leading Russian manufacturers of control and measuring devices, programmable logic controllers, operational supervisory control systems, as well as the use of our own software products and technologies, allows us to create unified production situational-analytical centers in companies - a relatively new concept for Russian enterprises, which replaced the classical production dispatching.

Every bit of information generated in production automation systems requires considerable investments at the stage of implementation and operating costs to keep the data up-to-date. So why not get the maximum possible benefits from this asset?

We offer a comprehensive approach to the creation of dispatching systems, taking into account the possibilities of integration with existing process equipment, existing automation systems, scaling and further development of the enterprise application of functionality of digitalization tools such as predictive analytics, digital twins, machine vision and systems of applied artificial intelligence.