Technological process automation

Only time is limited, our possibilities are limitless.

Automation of technological processes is the main driver for increasing business efficiency, developing the level of production culture, ensuring its safety, reducing costs and improving the quality of finished products.

The use of advanced Russian technologies and solutions in the implementation and modernization of production automation systems gives our customers a number of significant advantages:

  • Ensuring safety when used at critical infrastructure facilities
  • Availability of equipment and component parts
  • Prompt technical support of hardware and software complexes
  • Ability to adapt technical solutions in direct interaction with designers and developers
  • Full localization of technical documentation
  • Our experience combined with the experience of our partners allows us to solve any production automation tasks:

  • Development of a comprehensive concept of production automation
  • Preparation of functional and technical requirements for process automation systems
  • Development of measures for modernization of production automation systems aimed at excluding sanctions risks (technological sovereignty)
  • Realization of turnkey projects for implementation of production automation systems
  • Implementation of projects on modernization of production automation systems
  • Design of production automation systems
  • Development of mnemonic schemes
  • Development of software and mathematical support of production automation systems
  • Supply of complete control cabinets
  • nstallation and adjustment of production automation systems
  • Technical support of our implemented and modernized automation systems
  • Proprietary supervision over the implementation of our automation projects