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IT security
Implementation of comprehensive information protection solutions is one of our top priorities. We have extensive experience and will help in improving protection of business processes against IT security threats and provide compliance with IT security requirements of regulators. SATEL has all the required IT security licenses (including state secrets) and provides the full range of IT security services – from existing system audit to development and support to integrated solutions.
IT security audit is a most important phase in building a reliable IT security system in any company.
IT security system audit enables current status evaluation and plan next steps to improve security level.
Current status audit may discover vulnerabilities in an enterprise IT system and related risks, deliver external compliance and best IT practices assessment.
Upon results of comprehensive system audit or under dedicated processes, we will present visualized information on IT security status, identify information assets to be protected and also develop recommendations for improvement of IT security system status.
SATEL team will assist in building operational coordination of your corporate employees, allocating tasks and logging activities for improvement of IT security system.
Flexibility and tailored approach let us account for any and all specific requirements and business specifics of each individual entity in order to select an efficient enterprise data protection strategy.
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Security equipment compliance assessment is a set of organizational and technological activities to confirm security equipment compliance, such activities enable prevention of data leaks via technological channels, unauthorized access protection and protection from any special data and data storage medium attacks.
Following functional assessment, a data protection system is tested to find out if security functions meet vendor specifications and if the system has a required level of confidence for protection mechanisms, their efficiency and coordinated performance capability. System confidence is tested by reviewing development practices, documentation, setting management and mechanism testing.
Assessment results could be certified by a document, confirming compliance with relevant data protection requirements.
Our specialists have extensive experience in certification and will help you create a data protection system depending on your business specifics.
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Critical Infrastructure Protection
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Automatic process control systems (APCS) are critical elements of business processes of many industrial enterprises, which makes protection of their safe operation an integral part of the process to provide overall corporate security.
At present, APCS development and upgrades lead to even deeper integration with other enterprise management systems, making APCS network data security as important as physical enterprise security issues. Any change in integrity or availability of APCS-processed data might lead to a technological process violation, which in turn might cause financial losses to an entity, environmental damage and fatalities.
Availability of highly skilled specialists with in-depth knowledge of customer industry and specifics of industrial system IT security projects gives us capability to implement projects of various scale and complexity levels.
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Protection of personal data information systems
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Protection of State Information Systems
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Protection of information of money transfers
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Information security tools, produced by SATEL,are compliant with the current FSTEC of Russia regulation for firewalls, making them available for confidential information protection.

Production of certified data protection tools lets Customers:
• Order unlimited certified equipment items without going through new application procedure with FSTEC of Russia and performance of the full certification testing cycle.
• Receive support for certified equipment during certificate validity period (software updates, patches, use advice).
• Certificate extension opportunity.
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Certification of informatization objects
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The Concept of Government System for computer attack identification, prevention and recovery (GosSOPKA) was introduced by the President of the RF in 2013.

GosSOPKA’ s primary purpose is control over protection of IT resources from computer attacks and also control over recovery of normal operations of such resources following computer incidents, caused by computer attacks.

SATEL specialists with hands-on GosSOPKA interaction experience are prepared to provide regulations and guidance documentation development services, technology solution development and interaction of security tools with GosSOPKA segment technical tools.
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