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Engineering infrastructure
SATEL solutions portfolio offers solutions for development of highly resilient and secure engineering infrastructure for various sites, as basis for functioning of all other enterprise IT and communications systems.
Structured cabling systems (SCS) are the backbone of every enterprise telecommunications system.

SCS integrates all data transmission means, such as telephony networks, video communications systems, security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance and access control systems etc. in one system.

SCS implementation increases corporate efficiency and reliability by reducing maintenance costs, improving internal enterprise interactions and raising customer service quality.

Our specialists have extensive experience in design, development and maintenance of structured cabling systems, low-voltage power wall outlet circuit and low current systems of any scale.
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Building and facility systems include a whole complex of infrastructure systems, providing building functions, employee safety and security systems.

Adequately designed engineering systems enable business continuity, people and infrastructure safety and optimization of maintenance costs.

SATEL offers comprehensive services for development of the following engineering systems:

  • building services: power supply, air conditioning, ventilation and heating, water supply and drainage
  • building safety and security: security and fire alarms, loudspeaker communications, video surveillance, access control and management
  • low current systems: SCS, communications, TV, clock systems

SATEL has extensive experience and highly skilled specialists to implement comprehensive projects of any level of complexity.
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Modern needs require special focus on energy efficiency, reliability and versatility of power supply systems.

SATEL offers the latest power supply system products by global manufacturers, specializing in high-quality products with excellent technological and economic features.

To ensure uninterrupted operations of engineering and telecommunications infrastructure, we offer design and roll-out services:

• general power supply
• secured power supply
• uninterrupted power supply

Our engineering and technology department specialists have extensive experience in implementation of power supply systems of various capacity and scale, depending on failover requirements.
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