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Comprehensive Security
Current security trends require comprehensive and compact solutions, integrating all elements of communications. We offer multiple solutions for use in any area of operations. Our specialists participate in “Safe City” systems development projects and provide security at industrial, transportation and commercial sites throughout the country, in financial and healthcare institutions, educational, sports and leisure sites and other mass gathering sites.
Situation centers combine the most current software and hardware facilities to provide situation monitoring and control, forecasting and operational management decision making.

Situation centers may focus on various issues and resolve general or specific management tasks: manage major transportation hubs, supervise complex technology processes, provide real time processing of emergency alerts or just monitor general performance indicators and hold events with multiple participants.

Our company assists in building a situational center, which is best suited for customer goals and objectives, integrating third-party systems and improve quality of management decisions.
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A professional access control system is required to secure buildings and facilities of any size. Such a system enables centralized facility access control via an unlimited number of turnstiles, doors and boom gates, record all events and store such records for unlimited time.

Latest communications technologies ensure that security service controls all rooms, promptly reacts to emergency situations, integrate third-party systems and use a broad range of auxiliary functions to provide workplace security.

Access control system provides for controlling site entries and exits, restrict access to specified territories or identify persons with rights of access to a territory. Moreover, the system could be used to track work time, maintain personnel and visitor database, it can be integrated with a security system.
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Intelligent video surveillance systems can turn regular video surveillance into an innovative solution with face, vehicle, event and other object recognition capabilities.

These are scalable integrated systems for video stream management and storage with in-built video surveillance, analysis and identification modules for analyzing monitored events.

The soluition enables photo- and video-logging of events, situation monitoring, real time search and identification.

Systems, implemented by our company, may add up an unlimited number of surveillance cameras by any maker and add up an unlimited number of users.
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Nowadays video surveillance is a key security system element for any site.

Such solutions ensure control over an object or process equipment, provide security measures and enable real time monitoring of personnel activities.

Process video surveillance is a flexible system of events and alert algorithms, set up and operating together with other security systems: security and fire alarm, access control system etc. Modern systems can be set up as per requirements and operational specifics of any enterprise.

Our specialists perform all pre-project inspections, conceptual studies and preparation of work documentation, installation and technical support.
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Perimeter security ensures security of guarded territories and provides reliable protection against unauthorized access.

Perimeter security systems register secured area intrusion attempts and transmit alarm signal to a security console for prompt response measures.

For maximum site security, perimeter security systems are used in combination with video surveillance, loudspeaker communications, sound and light alarms.
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Security and fire alarm system is a cornerstone for building security, providing round-the-clock control over any site regardless of its area.

The system combines unauthorized entry protection function and fire detection system with automatic fire suppression.

Security and fire alarm system detects violations or fire sources and generates an alarm signal for prompt response to an adverse situation.
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