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Corporate Communications
SATEL have been operating on the enterprise telecommunications market since 1995. We create reliable and easily scalable telecom solutions based on equipment by leading global manufacturers, and also design and implement any systems, from VoIP to unified communications.
SATEL has been specializing in corporate telephony solutions for more than 20 years. Over the years the company has accumulated extensive experience in building enterprise telephony networks of any complexity: from mini telephone exchanges to city and enterprise automatic exchanges, from single office to geographically distributed structures.

Such systems could be implemented based on traditional telephony or IP networks,use DECT and SIP-DECT technologies, feature voicemail, conversattion recording or connect remote mobile office subscribers.

Along with solutions by global manufacturers, we offer cutting-edge Russian designs, meeting all requirements for enterprise network development and fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

RTU Platform (Retail & Transit Unit) is a comprehensive VoIP solution to set up full-scale local, area, DLD/ILD communications based on IP technology.

RTU Platform is certified for use in public telecommunications networks as combined exchange with data packet switching technology and as an enterprise automatic telephone exchange. Depending on customer requirements, RTU Platform is implemented either as software or as a component of a variable Software and Hardware Suite: from single server to multi-server high-availability cluster together with required gateway equipment and monitoring system.

RTU Platform is included in the Unified register of Russian computer software of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and is recommended for procurement by government agencies.

A large selection of enterprise telephony and network development solutions and also our extensive experience in implementation of complex and comprehensive projects, based on such solutions, make us a leading integrator company.
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Global and Russian call center markets offer great numbers of products and solutions. Along with omni-channel communications platforms there are systems capable of increasing operational efficiency both of an individual operator and of a call center as a whole. 

Voice processing and intellectual decision making provide for reduction of material expenses, easing of secretary and operator workload and seamless call center operations.

Along with its solid experience in design and implementation of intellectual call centers based on equipment by leading manufacturers, SATEL develops proprietary systems for call center automation and will help with integrating interactive voice systems with voice recognition and other supplementary services. 

ATMOSPHERE software suite, developed by our software development center, focuses on automating and simplifying work of operators, supervisors and on increasing overall call center efficiency.

ATMOSPHERE software suite offers the following benefits: 
  • Single work window for operator work
  • Inegrated access to proprietary Knowledge Base
  • Outgoing campaigns by customers
  • Development and change of customer service scenarios by operators without any involvement of IT specialists
  • Comprehensive call center statistics and business analytics
ATMOSPHERE software suite is included in the Unified register of Russian computer software and databases and is recognized as fully compliant with applicable requirements and permitted for procurement by government agencies.
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In the current business world time and money are the most valuable resources. Videoconferencing is a modern technology solution, providing participants, no matter how far across the globe, freely communicate with each other and exchange documents in real time, as if they were in one and the same room.

High-tech and easy to manage videoconferencing systems combine excellent image and sound quality, provide high performance and broad integration opportunities. Such systems can be used for development of both simple and complex videoconferencing systems.

SATEL implements advanced videoconferencing systems, meeting the highest video-telephony criteria and compatible with traditional communications systems and other videoconferencing networks.
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