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Developer and provider of modern communications solutions
Industry 4.0
SATEL offers its services for development of enterprise networks of any level of complexity and any scale. Highly skilled engineers and consultants will provide for the most optimal technology solutions, based on best global practices and standards, and will also perform efficient set-up, integration into the existing infrastructure and system commissioning.
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ENERBUS Integration Platform is designed for expedient development of an IT-system for electricity transmission and distribution companies.

ENERBUS is the foundation for an IT-system which is primarily focused on improving management quality and increasing value of available enterprise information. ENERBUS enables seamless flow of information flows between systems and feeds required data to ongoing business processes, providing continuity.

The platform serves as middleware and ensures best IT-system integration opportunities, representing the «nervous system» of an enterprise, tying together business activities and processes, performance of transaction, technology systems and APCS, thus securing interconnected regulation and control functions.

An important feature of the platform is that it is based on highly reliable and scalable solutions and approaches, used both in Russia and abroad. These solutions, on the one hand, are cost-efficient and easy to implement and maintain, are independent of platform and development tools, and on the other hand, are easily scalable, they are easy to develop and adjust to increased requirements and new tasks. The platform ensures simple and easy transition from resolving tasks of a specific enterprise to overall industry objectives. Use of the platform enables effortless development of an integrated system capable of handling big data, data mining and business analytics.

Currently the integration platform can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Centralized equipment list
  • Automated information exchange between CIMS/MRO and OIC system classes
  • Automated information exchange between CIMS/MRO and APCI FMS system classes
  • Automated information exchange between OIC and APCI FMS system classes

Performance of these tasks provides for:

  • Real-time live network topology information
  • Adequate information for solution of calculation tasks, including network balancing
  • Dynamic topology for productive power supply calculation
  • Accurate information for calculation of losses
  • Sufficient and consistent information for calculation of SAIDI/SAIFI and derivative values

ENERBUS Integration Platform is developed in line with SOA/EDA architecture and provides for simple ways to develop, increase or adjust capabilities both as platform components and applied components. It only takes to create a new component, supporting API platforms, by using ENERBUS framework, and include it into the available modules. Users of the integration platform, represented by their IT-services, receive all the tools required to, for example, change routing rules for this or that data, implement a required manual information input service or embed a new system into the integrated circuit. OSGi containerization and microservice architecture support enables rapid development of new components, simple change development and delivery process. Technologies, supported by the platform, make change implementation delivery up to several times a day, unlike monthly or quarterly changes with most current enterprise systems.

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Automatic process control systems (APCS) are critical elements of business processes of many industrial enterprises, which makes protection of their safe operation an integral part of the process to provide overall corporate security.

At present, APCS development and upgrades lead to even deeper integration with other enterprise management systems, making APCS network data security as important as physical enterprise security issues. Any change in integrity or availability of APCS-processed data might lead to a technological process violation, which in turn might cause financial losses to an entity, environmental damage and fatalities.
Availability of highly skilled specialists with in-depth knowledge of customer industry and specifics of industrial system IT security projects gives us capability to implement projects of various scale and complexity levels.
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Dispatch communications is an integral part of any enterprise IT system and is instrumental in setting up communications between various production sites and in production shops.

Dispatch communications is a type of operational communications, enabling instant connection to any subscriber without dialing a phone number and long wait for response.

Loudspeaker communications systems provide for universal use. They may be used to contact an individual subscriber or inform all enterprise employees simultaneously, these systems are equally efficient in one room and across geographically distributed sites.

The equipment, offered by SATEL, has all required certificates and complies with global technology standards. These are modern solutions, based on intellectual technologies and services, primarily focused on efficient production process support.
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Audio announcement systems are designed to transmit alerts, warn people of emergency situations and manage evacuation.

Under routine operations, voice alert systems can be used for transmission of voice messages or “elevator music” broadcasts.

Audio announcement systems are used at various sites – at industrial enterprises, offices, social welfare institutions, malls and sports facilities, transport hubs and in other places of mass gathering.

SATEL implements centralized and distributed announcement systems, based on domestic and foreign designs, recommended, among other, for use at government sites. Flexible solutions by our company help us create multiple announcement system options, based on high reliability of central and terminal equipment.
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Private networks based on LTE technology
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