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Industry 4.0
SATEL offers its services for development of enterprise networks of any level of complexity and any scale. Highly skilled engineers and consultants will provide for the most optimal technology solutions, based on best global practices and standards, and will also perform efficient set-up, integration into the existing infrastructure and system commissioning.
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Automatic process control systems (APCS) are critical elements of business processes of many industrial enterprises, which makes protection of their safe operation an integral part of the process to provide overall corporate security.

At present, APCS development and upgrades lead to even deeper integration with other enterprise management systems, making APCS network data security as important as physical enterprise security issues. Any change in integrity or availability of APCS-processed data might lead to a technological process violation, which in turn might cause financial losses to an entity, environmental damage and fatalities.
Availability of highly skilled specialists with in-depth knowledge of customer industry and specifics of industrial system IT security projects gives us capability to implement projects of various scale and complexity levels.
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Dispatch communications is an integral part of any enterprise IT system and is instrumental in setting up communications between various production sites and in production shops.

Dispatch communications is a type of operational communications, enabling instant connection to any subscriber without dialing a phone number and long wait for response.

Loudspeaker communications systems provide for universal use. They may be used to contact an individual subscriber or inform all enterprise employees simultaneously, these systems are equally efficient in one room and across geographically distributed sites.

The equipment, offered by SATEL, has all required certificates and complies with global technology standards. These are modern solutions, based on intellectual technologies and services, primarily focused on efficient production process support.
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New generation industrial communications systems are used in industrial enterprises to provide operational communications in such complex conditions as high humidity and temperatures, noise, dust, dirt and explosion hazard zones.

These include operational communications between various production sites, loudspeaker communications and factory shop floor alerts, crane communications and wireless solutions, communications for security services.

SATEL KPS suite, developed by our company, is an industrial communications suite, designed to manage tasks for organization of telephone, dispatch and loudspeaker communications at such sites. SATEL KPS secures high-quality data transfer in complex operating conditions, including high background noise levels and high temperature differences.

SATEL KPS consists of 2 subsystems, providing a common enterprise communications environment: to secure dispatch and loudspeaker communications and to secure enterprise telephone communications.

Our solution has passed all required tests, is certified by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation for use in Russia and CIS communications networks and recommended for use by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Rostest and the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications.
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Selective communications significantly increase enterprise performance, resolving operational communications tasks for enterprises of any scale. Selective communications are a modern technology solution to hold conference calls, enabling participants, no matter how remote their locations are, freely communicate with each other in real time as if they were in one and the same room. Selective communications is a critical element of communications in industrial enterprises with geographically distributed production sites and offices. SATEL team of professionals has broad design and roll-out experience for communications networks of any level, any specific requirements and business features for any given enterprise.
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Audio announcement systems are designed to transmit alerts, warn people of emergency situations and manage evacuation.

Under routine operations, voice alert systems can be used for transmission of voice messages or “elevator music” broadcasts.

Audio announcement systems are used at various sites – at industrial enterprises, offices, social welfare institutions, malls and sports facilities, transport hubs and in other places of mass gathering.

SATEL implements centralized and distributed announcement systems, based on domestic and foreign designs, recommended, among other, for use at government sites. Flexible solutions by our company help us create multiple announcement system options, based on high reliability of central and terminal equipment.
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