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Developer and provider of modern communications solutions
Services and Outsourcing
We provide the full range of development and implementation services for telecommunications projects, including design, installation, comprehensive integration, start-up, commissioning and services, and also IT outsourcing. Our resources let us provide high-quality and timely services for implementation of projects of any level of complexity. We maintain high service levels for each customer, receiving comprehensive support and IT infrastructure support.
SATEL operates as a general contractor for IT infrastructure and engineering projects.

Our wide network of partners and trusted subcontractors, proprietary warehouse and logistics department let us achieve maximum optimization of processes and high budget utilisation efficiency.

As a general contractor, we are responsible for performance of the full scale of activities, stipulated by contract: from consulting to implementation of engineering and process systems and commissioning thereof.

Our specialists manage all types of activities under a common schedule, reducing project implementation timelines, cutting costs and minimizing risks.

As a general contractor, we provide:

• activity schedules and resolution of all current issues
• specialists, required to perform activities
• execution of work and equipment supply contracts
• quality assurance for performed work
• compliance with supervisory agency requirements
• supervision and control over contract provision compliance
• supervision of health and safety and other standards
• complete progress reporting
• turnkey commissioning

SATEL has extensive practical performance experience in various projects, including highly complex and time-critical projects.
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SATEL design department’s team of professionals has broad experience in design and implementation of IT systems of nay level of complexity and scale.

An adequately designed project helps reduce system commissioning period, facilitate infrastructure development and minimize advanced technology implementation risks. Our specialists develop customized projects meeting all modern requirements, which would become the foundation for efficient and secure operations of your company.

SATEL possesses all licenses, required for performance of comprehensive activities from terms of reference preparation to commissioning tests.

Design activities include the following key phases:

• Terms of reference definition
• Detailed plan development
• Pre-feasibility study
• Documentation development
• Commissioning

We also provide consulting services for preparation of application package to obtain licenses of the Ministry of Telecommunications of the RF, for preparation of application package to obtain licenses of the State Committee of the RF for Construction and Housing and Utility Complex.
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SATEL offers support services for comprehensive performance of IT infrastructure maintenance tasks.

In-house tech support and guarantee service teams provide guaranteed quality of IT services, as per a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Our company has all the resources, required to provide services:

  • Three lines of support: dispatchers, engineers, experts
  • 24х7х365 services
  • One-off services and service contracts
  • Showroom with a wide selection of installed equipment
  • Test center for testing all supplied solutions
  • Training class for learning, trainings and coaching
  • Permanent product warehouse, providing prompt request response and replacement capability for required equipment over a period from 4 to 24 hours
  • Outstaffing (IT personnel lease)

Variable service level programs let you choose the services that would be optimal for your business needs and include:

Basic service program
Technical support and support to continuous operation of IT infrastructure, equipment and software as per SLA. Includes repair and replacement of unserviceable equipment.

Extended service (Silver)
24х7 technical support. Includes a full set of services, including consultations and configurations.

Expert service (Gold)
Includes a dedicated tech specialist in charge of the project and capable of resolving any complex tasks. The program provides for on-site specialist visits and testing of required solutions and configurations in SATEL’s laboratory.
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Qualified professional development system serves as basis for efficient operations throughout a company.

SATEL conducts professional development activities for IT and telecom specialists in its in-house Training Center.

We offer different versions of authorized courses and in-house developments, based on customer training level and enterprise IT system.

Trainings are conducted by vendor-accredited trainers with extensive work experience, which guarantees high quality of training services.

Comprehensive approach to learning includes theory and practice materials, standard and emergency situation scenario trainings. If required, we are prepared to adjust our training programs to customer specifics.
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IT-outsourcing enables focusing resources of our customers on their core activity, and we take over their IT infrastructure maintenance, development and support.

IT-outsourcing services guarantee agreed levels of quality, availability and infrastructure continuity, based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA), enabling optimization of implementation, support and upgrade costs for all IT systems.

IT infrastructure management could be performed remotely or on-site, and service structure may be adjusted as per customer requirements.

Outsourcing of IT services includes:

• IT infrastructure audit and SLA preparation
IT infrastructure audit allows for detailed assessment of its structure and organization, development of optimum service plans. Audit results are used to prepare documentation, including network design description, equipment types and configurations, software versions, and also to prepare infrastructure optimization proposals and measures to improve security.

• On-line monitoring
On-line monitoring system secures IT infrastructure function and network service control. Real time control allows for tracking critical parameter values and preventing potentially dangerous situations.

• Daily procedures
Daily procedures include customer network management activities, performed under a notification procedure and not requiring any additional approvals. Such activities could be illustrated by post-incident infrastructure recovery, data backup, database synchronization, reporting and other regular procedures.

• IT infrastructure management
handover of IT infrastructure management gives customers an opportunity to improve its use efficiency, reduce costs and free up resources for more important tasks. There is still complete control over enterprise telecommunications and IT systems. Continuous monitoring and management by dedicated specialists allows for analysis of network change trends and timely preparation of proposals to change network configuration and settings.

Use of SATEL resources provides an opportunity for expedient infrastructure scaling and optimization, roll-out of remote offices including regions.
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To resolve non-standard and specific tasks, SATEL develops software, fully meeting customer requirements.

SATEL software development center specializes in developing customized turnkey enterprise solutions and offers:

• Development of software, customized to your business specifics
• Upgrade of existing systems to modern level
• Application integration

Developed solutions account for all customer business specifics and easily integrate into existing IT systems.

We also can provide a complete set of application development and support for all popular mobile platforms.

We implement projects of various levels of complexity and provide the full service cycle: from preassessment, design and terms of reference preparation to creation, testing, support and user training.
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