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SATEL has been specializing in development of operator class solutions for more than 20 years. We offer development, upgrade and technical support both to comprehensive infrastructure projects and individual components thereof. When implementing integration solutions, we use the most efficient and innovative products. We provide the full range of telecom project development and implementation services, including design, delivery, installation, comprehensive integration, start-up and testing, commissioning and services, and also IT outsourcing. Our resources enable high-quality and timely execution of all types of activities for implementation of projects of any level of complexity. We support high service standards for any customer, receiving full-scale assistance and IT infrastructure support.

SATEL presents its range of solutions for Smart City system development, including SOVA-ECOR (Rapid Response Center), SOVA-EDDS (Automated system for Central Duty Dispatch Service operations) and SOVA-SRSC (Distributed Situational Center System).

SOVA-CDDS Central Duty Dispatch Service

As per GOST Р 22.7.01-2016 State Standard, the primary purpose for CDDS development is enhanced availability of municipal administrations and services to respond to emergency threats or ongoing emergencies, to provide for efficient interaction of municipal service resources and means during their joint actions to prevent and rectify emergencies and incidents.

  • Emergency messages from private citizens and companies
  • Data collection and processing (including vehicle and facility monitoring data)
  • Collection of data from dispatch services, environment control and monitoring services (monitoring systems) and data distribution between dispatch services
  • Emergency situation data processing and analysis
  • Call response action control

SOVA-RRC Rapid Response Center

The Center provides for prompt warning and response tasks for public security threats, public order and environmental threats, and also for ensuring efficient interaction and coordination of public agencies, first response and municipal services.

  • Central monitoring of public security threats, public order and environmental threats
  • Decision making support
  • Management and interaction coordination
  • Municipality public notifications and information
  • Development of Safe City uniform information environment

SOVA-DSCS Distributed Situational Center System

This is a unique set of means for tools for efficient collection of information in the following areas: government agency procurement, budget performance, tax collections and current regional situation data collection (emergencies, traffic incidents etc.). The solution is open source-based and can be adapted and rolled out for various categories of systems, including highly classified levels of information and Russian CPUs. SOVA-DSCS is included in the Unified register of Russian computer software and databases and is certified as fully compliant with FSO (Federal Protective Service) requirements for Distributed Situational Center Systems.

  • Analysis dashboards
  • Key regional parameter control
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