RTU: Unified communications platform

RTU (Russian Telephone Unit) is a multi-component solution for building distributed and local unified communications networks..

It is a VoIP platform of operator-class reliability, which additionally features dispatch and conference call modules, corporate messenger, videoconferencing and its own mobile application for iOS/Android.

The solution makes it possible to implement unified communications services both in the existing infrastructure and receive them «from the cloud».

Capabilities of RTU

  • Building a stable distributed telephone network
  • Proprietary media core processing audio-video streams in high quality
  • Wide range of notification delivery methods
  • Flexible management and various possibilities of text information exchange
  • Proprietary dialog platform ZIAX for automated handling of voice and text channels
  • Speech recognition and synthesis (analytics of 100% of communications in automatic mode according to specified characteristics)
  • Single client for telephony and VCS (desktop, web and mobile applications)
  • Proprietary omnichannel contact center RTU-Atmosphere for processing voice and text requests
  • Advantages of RTU

  • Modular architecture
  • High performance and speed of call processing
  • Use of existing packet network as a transport network
  • Wide range of modern additional services
  • Adaptability based on the customer's technical requirements and support from the manufacturer (product development on request, on-site installation, 24x7 technical support, training programs, etc.).
  • Reduction of CAPEX/OPEX costs for organization of all types of communications between personnel
  • Various options for integration with billing systems (CDR export, RADIUS, documented API).
  • Support for SORM interface - certification for PBX and PBXs
  • Ability to install on any server, including virtualization environment
  • Possibility to use own SIP client on PC and mobile platforms
  • Increasing mobility of employees / Connecting mobile employees
  • RTU platform includes includes its own line of 5 models of IP-phones from the basic variant to a smart videophone with extensive capabilities. The distinctive feature of RTU phones is their wide functionality and deep integration with the RTU platform, which provides a full range of modern telephony services.