Electric Power

  • RTU unified communications platform

    SATEL's own software solution for building a stable distributed telephone network of an enterprise in order to provide the most efficient communication channels.

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  • RTU-Atmosphere contact center

    SATEL's own software solution for automating all operations for remote processing of calls using any communication channels to optimize the work of call center operators and increase the efficiency of customer service.

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  • RTU-Connect videoconferencing platform

    SATEL's own software solution for organizing the interaction of employees within a single communication space.

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  • ZIAX voice robots and chatbots

    SATEL's own software solution for the development of voice and text robots, which will help to optimize business processes in production and reduce costs by up to 50%.

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  • SOVA monitoring system

    SATEL's own software and hardware solution for automating and simplifying the operation of telecom infrastructure by using Internet of things technologies. The solution helps to reduce the cost of maintenance and support of the information system, increase the reliability of the services provision.

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  • REVISOR mobile team management system

    SATEL's own software solution for operational planning and control of work performed by mobile teams, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, keeping records of the costs of materials, special equipment and employees' time.

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  • ENERBUS unified integration platform

    SATEL's own software solution for real-time unification and exchange of initial data of various enterprise information systems.

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  • SMART situational control system

    SATEL's own software solution for integrated monitoring and diagnostics, predictive analytics and risk management based on the latest generations of machine algorithms.

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  • VIZORLABS intelligent video analytics and machine vision platform

    SATEL's own software solution for monitoring technological processes, automated equipment condition monitoring, complying with safety and labor protection standards to ensure the reduction of production losses and equipment downtime.

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  • AccentOS cloud platform

    SATEL’s software solution for creating and managing enterprise cloud infrastructure. Provides virtualization of physical infrastructure elements andcentralized control of the entire infrastructure.

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Electric Power
  • Unified integrated data sharing platform for an electric grid holding company


    • Business processes unification and standardization
    • Monitoring of personnel and contractors compliance with industrial safety requirements
    • Guaranteed transfer of information between systems
    • Improved information security during data exchange
    • Centralized monitoring of information exchange between systems
    • Provision of detailed statistics on the performed works
    • Report generation


    • Single channel of communication between information resources is organized
    • Increased efficiency of inter-system interaction of enterprise information systems
    • Increased transparency and descriptiveness of reports
    • Reduction of maintenance costs and monitoring of information exchange within the enterprise

  • Speech recognition module integration for the one of the largest generating company


    • Necessity of streaming speech recognition module installation for Yandex Speechkit
    • Organization of communication between VoIP and voice engine in real time (streaming mode)


    • Streaming speech recognition module for Yandex Speechkit for 100 lines installed
    • Ability to detect the moment when a person's speech ends, which is very important in streaming mode

  • Automated information system to support executive decision making for an electric grid company


    • Development and implementation of a solution for information collection and data storage about production facilities, technological equipment, enterprise IT infrastructure
    • Digitalization of all enterprise support systems, including material assets in the form of buildings, equipment, raw materials
    • Real-time monitoring of all supporting systems
    • Impact analysis of support system failures at all stages of production for automatic adjustment of the production process based on the facts (threats) of accidents and incidents on support systems, loss or damage of property
    • Utilization of geoinformation technologies for digital passport visualization and analytical tasks solution within the framework of enterprise management


    • Input, validation, processing and display of data on production facilities, process equipment, facilities and networks of engineering, transportation, utility infrastructure
    • Collecting, processing and consolidating data on the current situation at the production facility
    • Real-time information exchange with emergency operational services of municipalities, territorial bodies of federal executive authorities, commercial organizations in the serviced territory
    • Prompt assessment, analysis and forecasting of the situation at the production facility
    • Automated monitoring of the consequences of incident elimination at the production facility, statistical and analytical processing of this information

  • Technical condition indicators monitoring of high-voltage lines using drones for an electric grid company


    • Execution of works on monitoring of technical condition metrics of high-voltage power grid facilities using unmanned aerial system and machine vision technology
    • Quality improvement of power grid facilities reliability management to reduce the accident rate of high-voltage lines and increase the efficiency of accident response through the use of information and analytical support for management decision-making
    • Transaction costs reduction within business processes to ensure high labor productivity by collecting information on electric grid facilities condition using unmanned aerial systems
    • Transfer of O&M business processes fully or partially to digital information support


    • Database on power grid facilities monitoring is formed
    • GIS linkage in the system, ensuring easy preparation of flight assignments for subsequent overflights
    • Prompt transfer of information to the situation analysis center
    • Integration with related information systems