24/7 technical support

SATEL offers service support services designed to provide a comprehensive solution to IT infrastructure maintenance tasks.

Own technical support and warranty services provide guaranteed quality of IT services, enshrined in a service level agreement (SLA).

Our company has all the necessary resources for service work:

  • Three lines of support: dispatchers, engineers, experts
  • Operating mode 24х7х365
  • One-time work and service contracts
  • Showroom with a wide range of installed equipment
  • Test center for testing all supplied solutions
  • Training room for training, training and briefings
  • A permanent warehouse of products that allows you to quickly respond to requests and replace the necessary equipment within a period of 4 to 24 hours
  • Outstaffing (rent of IT staff)

Multi-level service programs allow you to choose those services that will best meet the needs of your business and include:

Basic service program

Technical support and ensuring the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure, equipment and software in the amount agreed in the SLA. Includes repair and replacement of failed equipment.

Extended Service (Silver)

Technical support in 24x7 mode. Includes a full range of services, including consultations and configuration.

Expert Service (Gold)

Includes a dedicated technical specialist who leads the project and solves any complex tasks. Planned visits of a specialist are provided, as well as the possibility of testing the necessary solutions and configurations in the SATEL laboratory.

IT outsourcing allows us to concentrate the resources of our customers on the core activity, transferring to us the tasks of operating, developing and supporting their IT infrastructure.

IT outsourcing services guarantee a consistent level of quality, availability and continuity of infrastructure operation based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and allow you to optimize the costs of implementing, maintaining and upgrading all IT systems.

IT infrastructure can be managed remotely or directly at the facility, and the scope of services can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of the customer.

Outsourcing of IT services includes:

IT infrastructure audit and SLA preparation

An audit of the IT infrastructure allows you to get acquainted in detail with the features of its structure and organization, to develop optimal schemes for the provision of services. Based on the results of the audit, documentation is prepared, including a description of the network design, types and configurations of equipment, software versions, as well as recommendations for its optimization and measures to improve security.

The on-line monitoring system provides control over the functioning of the IT infrastructure and network services. Real-time monitoring allows you to monitor the values of critical parameters and prevent the occurrence of potentially dangerous situations.

Daily routines

Daily procedures include actions to manage the customer's network, which are performed on a notification basis and do not require additional approval. An example of such work can be the restoration of infrastructure functioning after incidents, data backup, database synchronization, reporting and other regular procedures.

IT infrastructure management

The transfer of management of IT infrastructure enables customers to increase the efficiency of its use, reduce costs and free up their resources for more important tasks. At the same time, full control over the company's telecommunications and information systems is retained. Continuous monitoring and management of dedicated specialists allows you to analyze the trend of changes in the network and timely prepare proposals for changing network configurations and settings.

The use of SATEL resources provides an opportunity for rapid scaling and optimization of infrastructure, deployment of remote offices, including those in the regions.