• RTU: Unified communications platform

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for building a stable distributed enterprise telephone network to provide the most efficient communication channels.

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  • RTU-Atmosphere: Omnichannel contact center

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for automation of operations on processing of enterprise employees' requests.

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  • RTU-Connect: Video conferencing and corporate messenger

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for organization of interaction between employees within a single communication space.

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  • ZIAX: A dialog platform for chatbots and voice robots

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for the development of voice and text robots that can make possible to optimize business processes in production and reduce costs by up to 50%.

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  • SOVA: IT infrastructure monitoring

    Proprietary SATEL hardware and software solution for automation and simplification of telecommunications infrastructure operation processes using Internet of Things technologies. The solution helps to reduce the cost of maintenance and support of the information system, as well as to increase the reliability of service provision.

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  • Digital Revizor: Operational control and work management

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for operational planning and control of work performed by mobile teams, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, as well as keeping records of materials, special equipment and employee time.

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  • Enerbus: Integration platform

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for unification and exchange of source data of different enterprise information systems in real time.

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  • SMART: Situational management system

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for complex monitoring and diagnostics, as well as for solving problems of predictive analytics and risk management based on the latest generation machine algorithms.

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  • VizorLabs: Video analytics and machine vision

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for monitoring of technological processes, automation of equipment condition control, as well as compliance with occupational health and safety standards to ensure reduction of production losses and equipment downtime.

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  • AccentOS: Infrastructure virtualization

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for creating and managing enterprise cloud infrastructure. Provides virtualization of physical infrastructure elements and full centralized control of the entire infrastructure.

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  • Communication network construction for a Russian aluminum company


    • Modernization of the enterprise phone network
    • Communication system upgrade for 500 users
    • Ensuring quality telephone communication for the company's employees


    • Replacement of outdated communication equipment with the newer and more versatile ones
    • Transition to modern open communication protocols

  • Information system for geotechnical object monitoring of mining and metallurgical enterprises


    • Continuous tracking of the controlled elements of buildings and structures, ground temperature, groundwater level near the controlled objects
    • Providing system users with up-to-date operational information on objects condition
    • Timely informing in case of abnormal situations
    • Monitored buildings and structures visualization with identification of their condition on an interactive map
    • The tool of planning and fixing of works on inspections of controlled objects is provided


    • Real-time visualization and information storage of controlled objects monitoring parameters
    • Digital passports of monitored objects
    • Displaying of measuring instruments on the monitored object mnemonic scheme with the display of measured values
    • Color indication of measuring instruments on the mnemonic scheme and interactive map depending on the values of monitored parameters and diagnostic information
    • Prompt notification in case of abnormal situations
    • Controlled buildings and constructions are displayed with corresponding color indication on the interactive map
    • Creating the change trend lines of monitored parameters on the basis of accumulated measurement data
    • Individual reports on the condition of the monitored objects are generated
    • Issuing timely instructions for work to prevent emergencies, as well as control of their execution
    • Planning of buildings and structures inspections with tools for entering and storing inspection results, including a mobile workstation use

  • Creation and circulation of conveyor belt inspection system of metallurgical enterprises


    • Online monitoring of conveyor belt condition
    • Control of joints condition and wear with photo-confirmation
    • Summary report on joints condition and separate belt fragments with dynamics of changes
    • History of events for each belt fragment and joint with photo-confirmation
    • Automatic notification of critical wear of joints or individual sliver pieces
    • Synchronization with tape repair information to "zero out" joint condition
    • Predictive analytics on joint and belt wear rates for repair planning
    • Control of joints condition and wear with photo-confirmation
    • Access via web-interface from any computer in the corporate network
    • ERP system integration


    • Increased accuracy and efficiency of belt defect control
    • Labor cost reduction for conveyor belts inspection by 2 hours per day for 1 conveyor
    • Repair time reduction (less complicated and faster repairs)
    • Repair schedule optimization ( one conveyor stops at a time)
    • Increase of productive mine and processing plant time
    • Increase in production volumes
    • Production costs reduction
  • Video analysis of industrial safety rules compliance during loading and unloading operations of mining and metallurgical enterprises


    • Prototype of the system for controlling dangerous crane zones of the Kolesnikov plant
    • Technology of light demarcation of the work zone is used - a light goboprojector, which projects a bright sign "danger zone" in the place where the work is being done at the current moment


    • The software part of the video analysis system provides confident detection of loading and unloading violations (the system allows to detect people getting into the danger zone under the load during loading and unloading operations with this crane)
    • The hardware ensures that video is captured from the right angles and with the right quality
    • Integration with the data room works correctly both with online transmission and by downloading events via flash drive
    • Audible notification works

  • PLTE network construction for a Russian mining company


    • Connection of remote unconnected to the optical infrastructure objects on the territory of the enterprise
    • Professional radio communication terminals installation
    • Wearable devices connection with applications designed to support business processes and security regulations of the enterprise
    • Monitoring systems installation for various technological processes of the enterprise (automated process control system, automated energy management system)


    • Wireless data transmission system in LTE standard (pLTE network) as a unified transport infrastructure for connection of various digital devices and products
    • Professional radio communication system on the territory of the enterprise: voice/video calls, group calls, geopositioning