SOVA monitoring system

SOVA (System of Accident Detection and Visualization) is a hardware and software system for automating and simplifying the operation of telecommunications infrastructure using Internet of Things technologies. The solution helps to plan the modernization and development of IT infrastructure, reduces the cost of information system maintenance and support, and increases the reliability of service delivery.

SOVA PAC is an open source industrial platform consisting of a group of interconnected components with a high degree of integration that simplifies the operation, planning and development of telecommunications or other infrastructure.

The platform is used to build various carrier-level solutions for configuring and managing data network components and other resources of carrier networks.

Purpose of SOVA

  • Creation and management of the company's cloud infrastructure
  • Auto-detection of equipment composition
  • Visualize and identify the source of network failures
  • Auto-configuration of equipment at any level of the hierarchy
  • Address space management
  • Incident management and situational planning
  • Accounting of installed software and equipment configurations
  • Accounting and monitoring of active equipment functionality and performance
  • Collection and preparation of input data for business process analysis and economic analysis
  • Accounting and allocation of address space depending on the hierarchical level of subdivisions

SOVA implementation results

  • Significant reduction in response time to emergencies
  • Taking proactive measures to eliminate possible future emergencies
  • Obtaining a complete picture of the current state of the enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Planning network development and cost accounting
  • Maintaining statistics on the operation of the enterprise network and analyzing the response of the company's services