ZIAX voice robots and chatbots

ZIAX platform for building and deploying voice robots and chatbots using artificial intelligence. The developed platform is suitable for any text or voice channel.

Tasks that can be delegated to the ZIAX robot

  • First line support automation
  • Conducting surveys and questionnaires
  • Receiving and confirming orders/bookings/deliveries Service management
  • Providing consultation to support field staff
  • Automating the mass recruitment and onboarding process
  • Автоматизация процесса массового подбора персонала и онбординга
  • Training of new employees

ZIAX Benefits

  • Tracking dialog context to accurately determine human intentions
  • Fast training of robots thanks to contextual content model and WEB interface
  • Integration with any system thanks to API
  • One robot can service phone and text channels simultaneously
  • Extraction of many parameters from a human phrase and normalization of these parameters for work with the API
  • Possibility of installation at the customer's premises

The ZIAX ASR voice module is used for speech recognition in telephone calls, i.e. it translates the audio signal into text format. The solution can be used for voice control, voice commands, voice text input or voice search. ZIAX ASR is also used for IVR, voice chatbots, transcript writing, text dictation, and speech analytics. In addition, the solution is equipped with a post-processing function, which outputs numeric formats in numbers, not text, as it happens in all modern speech recognition platforms.

A special feature of the solution is that ZIAX ASR has a speech recognition accuracy in difficult acoustic conditions of about 85%, which is 10% more than similar domestic solutions, which depending on the conditions can recognize from 25 to 75%.

ZIAX dialog platform and ZIAX ASR voice module are included in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs of the Russian Ministry of Digitalization.