Operational dispatch communication system

Operational Dispatch Communication System (ODCS) is a powerful, efficient dispatch communication complex based on a single network platform with audio, video, text communication and presence status monitoring capabilities.

The operational dispatch communication system provides for the use of the latest concept of building industrial communication systems and the most reliable, modern voice information transmission technologies (IP, digital communication, VoIP, DECT, SIP, radio communication)

System’s server is equipped with interfaces for connecting digital and IP subscribers via the enterprise data network, analog public address systems, radio subscribers or digital subscribers via twisted pair.

The control panel is a part of the ODCS SATEL modular system.

The dispatching console is a monitor with a resistive touch screen, an acoustic subsystem that provides the required visual interface and work logic for the user:

  • Modular structure
  • Large color touch display
  • Programmable keys
  • Connecting a headset, handset
  • Speakerphone

ODCS capabilities

  • One interface for communication through various communication networks
  • Ability to connect multiple terminals at the same time
  • Connecting additional modules and programming button assignments
  • Possibility of expansion of functionality depending on the requirements of the company
  • Energy saving modes

Features of ODCS

  • Noiseless reliable passive cooling system for all console nodes
  • Quality big screen
  • Built-in settings, brightness, volume buttons
  • Ergonomic low-profile horizontal design with tilt adjustment
  • Duplication and redundancy of the audio system, analog audio connection (line in, line out, microphone in, headphone out)
  • Extensive connectivity (2 channels 1G LAN, 2 channels USB, digital inputs and outputs)
  • Duplicating an external monitor via an external HDMI connector
  • Two programmable digital inputs
  • Stereo speakers (2x3W)
  • microUSB port for equipment service diagnostics
  • LED indicator for software visual effects
  • Phone charging via USB up to 1A

Key competitive advantages

  • Russian product
  • Centralized call routing management
  • Survival of nodes in case of loss of communication with the central servers of the system (geo-redundancy)
  • The ability to use currently available communication lines, including to ensure the redundancy of communication channels between network nodes
  • Server hardware for system installation with the possibility of smooth capacity expansion
  • Support for existing analog subscriber capacity in case of insufficient development of LAN nodes
  • Support for existing 2-wire analog trunks, including PSTN lines
  • Centralized collection of information about calls
  • Ability to record telephone conversations
  • Ability to organize multilateral conference calls
  • Ensuring the transition to voice transmission technologies over a data transmission network
  • Possibility of installation on the Russian OS Astra Linux
  • Tailoring to the client's needs