AccentOS cloud platform

AccentOS is a solution for creating and managing enterprise cloud infrastructure. Provides virtualization of physical infrastructure elements, provides full centralized control of the entire infrastructure.

Purpose of AccentOS

  • Creation and management of the company's cloud infrastructure
  • Deployment of a server virtualization platform, storage (including SDS, with the ability to create a hyperconverged environment), networks (SDN) and desktop virtualization (VDI)
  • Control, monitor and predict the use of IT resources

AccentOS Implementation Results

  • Reducing CAPEX / OPEX costs for organizing all types of communication between personnel
  • Implementation of new unified communications functionality and a wide range of audio / video applications, both on the customer's infrastructure and through cloud connections
  • Consolidation and effective management of territorially disparate divisions in a single corporate network
  • Increasing employee mobility / Connecting mobile workers
  • Creation of infrastructure of virtual workplaces of users for remote work
  • Reducing IT maintenance costs
  • Improve IT security