IT infrastructure maintenance

SATEL offers modern IT infrastructure management solutions. We will set up the work of the existing infrastructure, create a new one from scratch, modernize and adapt to new tasks, provide monitoring and management of the entire IT complex.

Services provided:

  • Creation and technical support of IT infrastructure (data center, SCS, UPATS, MES IT platforms, virtualization systems, convergent and hyperconverged computing systems, backup systems, assembly of non-standard server platforms).
  • Creation and technical support of communication networks (KSPD and LAN, telephony, dispatch communication, professional radio communication DMR III, radio relay communication systems).
  • Creation and technical support of the integrated security infrastructure (CCTV, ACS, perimeter security, security lighting, video detection and identification).
  • Creation and technical support of information security infrastructures of enterprise information systems and process control systems. Categorization of CII objects.
  • Automation and dispatching systems for civil technological facilities and industries.
  • Mobile complexes for fixing the work process.
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of corporate and technological data transmission networks, including wireless solutions.
  • Technical and service support of infrastructure IT systems of the enterprise level on various platforms.

One of the areas of activity for the creation and maintenance of IT infrastructure is work in the northern and arctic territories.

A reliable and adaptable IT infrastructure provides important benefits – it allows you to quickly introduce new services, increase capacity, and flexibly change in accordance with changes in the market situation.

Our company offers modern IT infrastructure management solutions, taking into account special requirements - temperature, time, organizational, technology, security and quality control requirements. Working in the Arctic and remote cities of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, we have gained invaluable experience in establishing all the processes of creating and maintaining information infrastructure in non-standard weather conditions.

The SATEL Quality Management System as applied to the processes of project management, design, procurement, production, construction and installation works, commissioning and other works complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Also, the company has introduced a labor protection system and an environmental management system.