• RTU: Unified communications platform

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for building a stable distributed telephone network of the organization to provide the most efficient communication channels.

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  • RTU-Atmosphere: Omnichannel contact center

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for automation of all operations on remote processing of requests using any communication channels to optimize the work of call center operators and improve the efficiency of service to citizens.

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  • RTU-Connect: Video conferencing and corporate messenger

    Proprietary software solution of SATEL for organization of interaction between employees within a single communication space.

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  • ZIAX: A dialog platform for chatbots and voice robots

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for the development of voice and text robots to optimize communication processes with citizens.

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  • SOVA: IT infrastructure monitoring

    Proprietary SATEL hardware and software solution for automation and simplification of telecommunications infrastructure operation processes using Internet of Things technologies. The solution helps to reduce the cost of maintenance and support of the information system, as well as to increase the reliability of service provision.

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  • Enerbus: Integration platform

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for unification and exchange of source data of various information systems of the organization in real time.

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  • AccentOS: Infrastructure virtualization

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for creating and managing cloud infrastructure of an organization. Provides virtualization of physical infrastructure elements and full centralized control of the entire infrastructure.

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  • Creation of the "Contact Center for Interaction with Citizens" information system for the social fund


    • Automatic processing of voice and text messages by first-line service chatbots with speech recognition and synthesis, as well as chat widgets on the customer's site
    • Development and updating of an expert system for automated storage of knowledge and competence base
    • Operator's workstation to provide extended functionality of the contact center
    • Using AI to implement self-service scenarios in the contact center
    • Intelligent outbound call management system for informing customers, working with the pool of pending and missed calls
    • Saving the entire history of interaction with the customer and transfer of information about the customer between different services of the company


    • Creation of a "one-stop shop" for providing information to citizens on issues of the entire social block of Russia
    • Operator and managerial staff automation - automatic processing of 25% of all incoming complex customer inquiries
    • Effective planning of the number of employees in the contact center using a proprietary HR management module
    • Improving the service quality of requests in real time using all currently available communication channels
    • Processing incoming requests using artificial intelligence algorithms and speech technologies

  • Federal departmental telephone network modernization of State Statistics Service


    • Creation of unified departmental telephone communication for all employees
    • Replacement of Cisco core with modern IP-telephony system
    • Reduction of communication costs
    • Investment saving in the fleet of telephone sets
    • Service efficiency improvement
    • Communication security improvement
    • Creation of a single number, IVR and call center
    • Single center of management and cost control
    • Obtaining technical support and new features for the service's business processes


    • Provision of modern internal telephone communication with access to city lines
    • Communication via data channels - no costs for internal and long-distance communication
    • Over 70 subscriber features including conferencing, voice menu, multi-terminal, video, etc.
    • Unified system management with delegation of management authority to regional nodes
    • Reduced contact time with a staff member
    • Double redundancy of the system, including from the "drop" of the channel to the central node
    • Networking of regional PBXs via IP protocol or gateways

  • Federal departmental telephone network modernization


    • Creation of a unified departmental telephone network
    • Expansion of functional capabilities of the departmental telephone network
    • Provision of a centralized and distributed administration scheme
    • Gradual expansion of subscriber capacity
    • Reduction of voice communication costs


    • Provision of tax authorities with modern reliable telephone communication with a variety of modern functions
    • Simplification of departmental telephone network maintenance
    • Reduction of costs for maintenance of the departmental telephone network
    • Retention of existing IP-phones with the possibility to connect modern phone models to the system

  • Implementation of unified communications system of Ministry of Construction


    • Modernization of the enterprise telephone network
    • Providing employees with quality telephone communication
    • Investment saving in the fleet of telephone sets
    • Integration of the system with VCS-services of the project partner


    • Replacement of outdated communication equipment with new and universal one
    • Creation of a unified communication environment
    • Increased efficiency of employee interaction

  • Communication platform implementation for distance learning process automation of The Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University


    • Implementation of new unified communications functionality and a wide range of audio/video applications
    • Universal solution for distance learning process implementation
    • VCS module implementation for broadcasting to audiences of more than 1000 people
    • Disruption-free and secure communication between the participants of the educational process is ensured
    • The whole range of communications is organized in a remote format
    • Compliance with security requirements in order to mitigate the risks of network threats


    • Disruption-free and secure communication between all participants of the educational process is ensured
    • Automation of the distance learning process
    • Integration of the videoconferencing module into the digital platforms used by the educational institution
    • Telephone, HD quality videoconferencing, webcasting of the educational process with a large number of participants in any geographical location is provided
    • Effective interaction between all participants of the educational process

  • Phone network modernization of children’s center


    • Modernization of telephone network
    • Integration of RTU-Connect videoconferencing module
    • Cryptographic protection of all data


    • Building a universal system of high quality communication
    • Implementation of an online event platform that supports recording of broadcasts, file sharing, presentations, chat, polling, and use of the screen as an interactive whiteboard
    • Collaborative work capabilities
    • Access to the platform through client applications or browsers