Oil and Gas

  • RTU unified communications platform

    SATEL's own software solution for building a stable distributed telephone network of an enterprise in order to provide the most efficient communication channels.

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  • RTU-Atmosphere contact center

    SATEL's own software solution for automating operations for processing customer requests using any communication channels.

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  • RTU-Connect videoconferencing platform

    SATEL's own software solution for organizing the interaction of employees within a single communication space.

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  • ZIAX voice robots and chatbots

    SATEL's own software solution for the development of voice and text robots, which will help to optimize business processes in production and reduce costs by up to 50%.

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  • SOVA monitoring system

    SATEL's own software and hardware solution for automating and simplifying the operation of telecom infrastructure by using Internet of things technologies. The solution helps to reduce the cost of maintenance and support of the information system, increase the reliability of the services provision.

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  • REVISOR mobile team management system

    SATEL's own software solution for operational planning and control of work performed by mobile teams, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, keeping records of the costs of materials, special equipment and employees' time.

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  • ENERBUS unified integration platform

    SATEL's own software solution for real-time unification and exchange of initial data of various enterprise information systems.

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  • SMART situational control system

    SATEL's own software solution for integrated monitoring and diagnostics, predictive analytics and risk management based on the latest generations of machine algorithms.

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  • VIZORLABS intelligent video analytics and machine vision platform

    SATEL's own software solution for monitoring technological processes, automating the control of equipment condition and compliance with safety and labor protection standards to ensure the reduction of production losses and equipment downtime.

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  • AccentOS cloud platform

    SATEL’s software solution for creating and managing enterprise cloud infrastructure. Provides virtualization of the physical elements of the infrastructure and  centralized control of the entire infrastructure.

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Oil and Gas
  • Security and technological video surveillance system creation in explosion-proof version in the Far North conditions


    • An integrated solution for video surveillance, access control and alarm management
    • Embedded video analytics modules provide real-time identification of faces, license plates, and objects
    • Video stream management and storage
    • Quick access to video surveillance and recordings from mobile devices
    • Synchronization of audio and video recording, compatibility with any third-party equipment


    • Real-time visualization and information storage of controlled objects monitoring parameters
    • Production and security video surveillance in a factory under extreme environmental and organizational conditions
    • Operator workstations for 4 and 2 monitors
    • Hardware backup of recorders
    • More than 30 days of archive storage, RAID5 support
    • Explosion-proof field equipment, operating at temperatures starting from -50
    • Manageable PTZ platforms
    • Analytics: improved visuals in bad weather conditions
    • Integration with security alarms and access control

  • Organization of the 1st line of support in the telephone channel for a resource supply company


    • Voice assistants and chatbots integration into the company's work system
    • Workload reduction of contact center employees on general issues
    • Automation of the meter data transfer process
    • Possibility to receive personal consultations on gas disconnection, social gasification programs, gas meter inspection dates, signing a gas equipment maintenance contract


    • Reduced costs for the expansion of the outsourcing contact center
    • Successful processing of 60% of requests per month
    • Improved call processing speed
    • Notifications about upcoming inspections in the form of an incoming message from a robot
    • Possibility to request a service call using a chatbot
    • Possibility to receive consultations by subscriber's personal account number or by the address of gas equipment location

  • Monitoring of access networks and engineering infrastructure of a gas production company


    • IT infrastructure operation process automation
    • Data transmission equipment status and performance monitoring
    • Prompt monitoring of network objects (radiorelay communication and ground stations of satellite communication)
    • Automated collection of alert messages
    • Automated detection of device malfunctions
    • Automated detection of service quality violations
    • Detection of cause-and-effect relations between events by means of correlation mechanism


    • Prompt staff notification of emerging events and network incidents affecting equipment performance
    • Reduced equipment maintenance costs and improved SLA performance
    • Ability to plan system development in case of load increase based on data on equipment operation parameters collected by the system in the course of periodic surveys (metrics collection)
    • Engineering staff work optimization due to data compression and, consequently, reduction of information messages about equipment failures
    • Network incident information messages are amplified with detailed equipment information automatically collected by the system during batch polling

  • Intelligent video analytics systems for improving the level of industrial safety of a chemical industry enterprise


    • Monitoring of personal protective equipment use: helmets, gloves, jackets, pants, gas masks, safety glasses, special footwear, etc.
    • Monitoring of personnel and contractors compliance with industrial safety requirements
    • Situational control of personnel presence in hazardous areas (dynamic hazardous areas) and unauthorized access to production facilities


    • Determination of personal protective equipment presence or absence
    • Determination of employee behavior compliance with occupational, industrial and fire safety requirements
    • Identification of objects carried by employees
    • Instant reporting of violations
    • Prompt response to violations and provision of their elimination to resume safe operations
    • Reduced number of employee violations of labor protection, industrial and fire safety requirements by 15%