• RTU unified communications platform

    SATEL's own software solution for building a stable distributed telephone network of an enterprise in order to provide the most efficient communication channels.

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  • RTU-Atmosphere contact center

    SATEL's own software solution for automating all operations for remote processing of requests using any communication channels to optimize the work of call center operators and increase the efficiency of citizen service.

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  • RTU-Connect videoconferencing platform

    SATEL's own software solution for organizing the interaction of employees within a single communication space.

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  • ZIAX voice robots and chatbots

    SATEL's own software solution for the development of voice and text robots that will help to optimize communication processes with citizens.

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  • SOVA monitoring system

    SATEL's own software and hardware solution for automating and simplifying the operation of telecom infrastructure by using Internet of things technologies. The solution helps to reduce the cost of maintenance and support of the information system,  increase the reliability of the services provision.

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  • REVISOR mobile team management system

    SATEL's own software solution for operational planning and control of work performed by mobile teams, ensuring compliance with safety regulations,  keeping records of the costs of materials, special equipment and employees' time.

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  • ENERBUS unified integration platform

    SATEL's own software solution for real-time unification and exchange of initial data of various enterprise information systems.

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  • VIZORLABS intelligent video analytics and machine vision platform

    SATEL's own software solution for monitoring technological processes, automating equipment condition monitoring, complying with safety and labor protection standards to ensure the reduction of production losses and equipment downtime.

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  • AccentOS cloud platform

    SATEL’s software solution for creating and managing enterprise cloud infrastructure. Provides virtualization of physical infrastructure elements andcentralized control of the entire infrastructure.

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  • Unified contact center for airport information service


    • Automation of workplaces of the airport inquiry service employees
    • Standardization of the processes of servicing calls received by the airport telephone inquiry service
    • Reduction of time of processing of received telephone inquiries
    • Receiving and processing video messages from the airport website


    • Provision of reception and processing of voice calls according to the established service scenarios
    • Computer-telephone integration with the existing contact center Integration with the address directory of airport employees at the level of database interaction
    • Development of a unique contextual search algorithm that provides instant search of the required addressee, using incomplete and associated information
    • Ability to generate various types of complex reports on received telephone calls, starting from the moment the call is received by the contact center and ending with the last action of an employee of the help desk to process this call

  • Control of locomotives and crews for the largest railway holding company


    • Reduction of excessive downtime of locomotives
    • Systematization and analysis of information received from automatic data sources
    • Automatic formation of technological operations with railway rolling stock


    • The project is implemented on the basis of VizorLabs solution
    • Reduction of locomotive downtime at the station and depot by 15% and 10%, respectively
    • Daily deblocking of 18 locomotives
    • The formation of a pilot test site for the subsequent development of digital solutions, including mobile vision technology, which implies the use of helmets with video cameras by personnel for automatic fixation of work carried out inside the locomotive and at the viewing position below it

  • Video analysis of compliance with industrial safety rules during loading and unloading operations for a commercial seaport


    • Development of a prototype control system for hazardous areas of the crane space
    • Making changes to the system structure (the camera on the boom and the access point are equipped with an autonomous power source)
    • Conducting tests to detect the presence of personal protective equipment (helmets, vests) on people, as well as to get people into dangerous areas under the boom and cargo
    • Testing the correctness of cargo slinging (slings should not be separated by more than 90 degrees)


    • The project is implemented on the basis of VizorLabs solution
    • The software part of the video analysis system provides confident detection of violations of the rules of loading and unloading operations
    • The hardware complex provides video shooting from the right angles and with the right quality
    • Integration with the data room works correctly both for online transmission and by downloading events via a flash drive
    • The operation of the sound notification is ensured

  • Corporate telephone communication system for the largest enterprise in the maritime transport industry


    • Modernization of the outdated telephone network of the Azov-Black Sea Basin branch
    • Designing and building a corporate telephone network
    • Carrying out work to increase capacity (supply of subscriber equipment and necessary licenses)


    • The project is implemented on the basis of its own solution UC-RTU platform
    • Connecting 250 employees to the new communication system
    • Improving the quality of communication between employees
    • The ability to use unified communications, which are also available in the mobile application for Android and iOS