VIZORLABS intelligent video analytics and machine vision platform

Vizorlabs platform is based on computer vision technologies and represents a cluster of jointly working neural networks, which allows cameras to recognize faces, emotions, objects, determine the routes of employees' movement. In addition, this technology records the activity of people, compliance with safety regulations at the workplace, as well as stores the data, analyzes it and provides predictive analytics.

VizorLabs technologies provide object detection accuracy of 95% in all angles, and the video analytics platform library contains more than 75 ready-to-use detectors. The VizorLabs solution is distinguished by unique action recognition features and wide possibilities of hardware and software integration with other systems.

Purpose of Vizorlabs

  • Process monitoring and quality control
  • Control of work and industrial processes
  • Production counting and control
  • Creation of an automated system for monitoring compliance with occupational health and safety standards (wearing PPE, compliance with work rules, presence on site, etc.) to prevent industrial injuries and control over personnel
  • Creation of a system for monitoring sanitary regime (wearing of medical masks) for COVID-19 prevention

Benefits of Vizorlabs

  • Reduction of costs on HSE control with increased control efficiency
  • Reduced costs for fines and compensation for injuries
  • Reduction of losses due to repairs and equipment downtime
Vizorlabs intelligent video analytics and machine vision platform is included in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs of the Russian Ministry of Digitalization.