• RTU: Unified communications platform

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for building a sustainable distributed telephone network of the company to provide the most efficient communication channels.

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  • RTU-Atmosphere: Omnichannel contact center

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for automation of all operations on remote processing of calls using any communication channels to optimize the work of call center operators and improve the efficiency of customer service.

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  • RTU-Connect: Video conferencing and corporate messenger

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for organizing employee interaction within a unified communication space.

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  • ZIAX: A dialog platform for chatbots and voice robots

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for the development of voice and text robots to optimize customer communication processes.

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  • SOVA: IT infrastructure monitoring

    Proprietary SATEL hardware and software solution for automation and simplification of telecommunications infrastructure operation processes using Internet of Things technologies. The solution helps to reduce the cost of maintenance and support of the information system, as well as to increase the reliability of service provision.

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  • Digital Revizor: Operational control and work management

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for operational planning and control of work performed by mobile teams, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, as well as keeping records of materials, special equipment and employee time.

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  • Enerbus: Integration platform

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for unification and real-time exchange of source data of various information systems of the company.

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  • AccentOS: Infrastructure virtualization

    Proprietary SATEL software solution for creating and managing cloud infrastructure of an organization. Provides virtualization of physical infrastructure elements and full centralized control of the entire infrastructure.

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  • Implementation of access network monitoring system in Moscow, Center, Siberia, Far East macro-regional branches for one of the largest telecom company


    • Equipment polling and obtaining parameters of its state for further processing
    • Processing of a large number of simultaneous messages from data sources, which makes the platform highly effective on large-scale networks of telecom operators
    • Interaction with related information systems
    • Ability to work in fully automatic mode, as well as in collaboration with the operator
    • Generation of reports and notifications on the occurrence of specified events on the data network
    • Identification of the root cause of an accident


    • Ability to poll a large list of equipment of various models and manufacturers
    • Resilient and fast data processing under conditions of intensive traffic exchange with monitored objects
    • Reliable and trustworthy source of data for higher-level information systems. In the presence of such systems in the IT landscape, the Platform can operate in fully automatic mode and practically does not require supervision from the network administrator
    • Increased efficiency in discovering the root cause of data network failures. There is no need for the administrator to search through a stream of alarm messages to find the one that points to the event or device that caused the failure of service to an entire network segmen

  • Construction an operator-class telephone network


    • Building a geographically distributed communication network for the provision of IP telephony services
    • Ensuring high reliability of communication
    • Support for a wide range of endpoints of various types (SIP, IP, digital, analog) and manufacturers within a single converged network


    • The project is implemented on the basis of RTU-UC platform
    • Creation of a geographically distributed communication network to provide IP telephony to more than 600,000 subscribers in the territory of the Russian Federation
    • More than 50 nodes of local and combined communication with fault-tolerant clusters
    • Providing customers with a wide range of additional services: virtual PBX, mobile applications, conference calls, IVR, etc. (over 40 additional services in total)

  • Modernization of the backbone network for a Russian telecom company


    • Modernization of the data transmission network to improve the quality of services and services for subscribers
    • Development of the concept of a multiservice transport network with the provision of QoS for various tasks
    • Supply of radio relay equipment and urban station from leading manufacturers
    • Migration from TDM to IP
    • Network service support


    • Expansion of the coverage area and growth of the subscriber base
    • Network diversification and implementation of multi-vendor solutions
    • The telecommunications infrastructure of the operator fully meets the needs of the region and customers and allows us to provide modern information and communication services

  • Construction of Russia's first LTE network in the 1800 MHz range for a multiservice telecom company


    • Deployment of a new GSM/LTE mobile communication network of regional importance in the Republic of Tatarstan
    • Supply of radio access equipment
    • Turnkey deployment of switching centers
    • Integration of radio access system objects
    • Network Deployment Project Management


    • 2 switching centers have been commissioned, including uninterruptible power supply systems, MSC, MGW, BSC/RNC, HW, SORM
    • Integration and commissioning of 1000 base stations
    • In 2015, the Kazan Arena Indoor sports complex was equipped as soon as possible with an Indoor solution within the framework of the World Aquatics Championships