Project management and general contracting

SATEL is a general contractor in the implementation of engineering and IT infrastructure projects.

Having an extensive network of partners and proven subcontractors, a large in-house warehouse and logistics department, allows us to maximize the optimization of processes and achieve high efficiency of budget use.

Acting as a general contractor, we are responsible for the full scope of work set out in the contract: from consulting to the implementation of engineering and technological systems and their commissioning.

Our specialists organize all types of work according to a single schedule, which helps to reduce the project implementation time and reduces costs and minimizes risks.

As a general contractor we provide:

  • Formation of work schedules and solution of all current issues
  • Providing the necessary specialists to carry out the works
  • Conclusion of contracts with subcontractors for works and equipment supply
  • Quality control of the work performed
  • Control over compliance with all requirements of supervisory authorities
  • Technical supervision and control of compliance with the standards stated in the contract
  • Control of labor protection, safety and other standards
  • Provision of full reporting on the progress of works
  • Turnkey commissioning of the object.
  • SATEL has extensive practical experience in carrying out work on projects of various types, including projects of increased complexity and with critical deadlines.