Polar Eye: Technological video surveillance

Polar Eye is a comprehensive industrial video surveillance system that can be installed at any high-risk enterprises to monitor equipment operation, employee safety compliance, as well as control of work performed by contractors.

The solution is aimed at prevention and avoidance of abnormal and potentially dangerous situations, control of production processes.

The key element of the system is a compact control cabinet in explosion-proof version, which provides connection of video cameras, explosion-proof operator panel, explosion-proof intercom and other devices. For signal transmission from the control cabinet, a radio bridge with support for speeds up to 100 Mbit/s is used. The signal transmission itself is carried out through a radio-permeable protective glass using an internal antenna. In addition, all connections are made on the basis of quick-disconnect couplings, which allows the complex to be quickly dismantled/assembled at the site.


The Polar Eye system uses a wide range of video cameras from leading manufacturers that provide high quality high-definition images, accurate color reproduction even in low light and bad weather conditions, including fog. Video cameras can be placed in a variety of protective housings, including corrosion-resistant stainless steel, providing protection from chemical aggressive environments, sea water, salt fog. The complex uses reliable element base and "cold start" functionality, which allows its operation at critically low temperatures (down to -60°C) without preliminary external heating. In turn, heat dissipation technologies used in the space industry ensure the complex's operability at high temperatures (up to + 60C).


On the basis of Polar Eye solution it is possible to build a complex of systems using video analytics, which will allow to automate the control of production processes, safety compliance, determination of stationary and dynamic hazardous zones.

Depending on the set tasks, individual algorithms of the system operation can be developed, integration with additional equipment and deployment of the complex as a mobile system or in a general industrial version can be realized.